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Since 1989...

As Sev-al Socks we produce socks with the latest trends by following up technology and innovations.

Production capacity of 30 million pairs

As Sev-al Socks, service is provided with a capacity of more than thirty million pairs annually.  

Our Machinery Parkour

As Sev-al Socks, we provide service with hundreds of high technology and quality machines. 

Production Variety

As Sev-al Socks, we produce socks in the quantity and design in accordance with your needs.

Company Profile

Dalbudak Çorap started its sock production activities by Sefa Dalbudak with strong foundations to produce socks in Turkey in 1989. Dalbudak Çorap took the steps to be the preferred brand in sock production, by establishing fast production lines to meet the increased production requests and took its place among the leader companies which succeeded in making its mark in the sector with stories of success.

Dalbudak Çorap came into prominence with its production quality and services in just a short time after its establishment, later created its export brand Sev-Al Socks to meet the increasing interest and demands from…

Countries We Are Present

Sev-Al Socks carries out its production and export activities mainly in European Countries and other Countries within stipulated periods free of problems. It enriches its sock production and portfolio with the sock production partnerships established with large market chains mainly in European Countries and other Countries which is based on satisfaction and which has been going on for years.  

New business agreements after meeting new customers in different markets each day by adding positive references to the customer portfolio as a result of the richness of its production, modern lines and discipline enables

With its rapid collection works, technical service provided to the customers, non-problematic and smooth customer service, Sev-Al Socks constantly develops and improves its experience in sock production and export.

In Sev-Al Socks where all the elements and details are processed one by one up to thread choice, the quality is never a coincidence, but it is the result of all these processes and selfless works.